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We’re moving up in the world… pun fully intended!

Over the Easter weekend we held the maiden flight of our latest and possibly greatest gadget. The  ‘Spreading Wings S1000’ is the latest octocopter from DJI, the same people who brought us the Phantom and Phantom 2. This amazing addition to our toy box is controlled by two men on the ground, one flying the drone itself, while the other operates the camera. Everything the eye in the sky sees is also seen live from the ground on an eight inch viewing monitor.

Replayhouse now owns one of only two of these particular models in Ireland. The other one joined us on our first flight near the Sugar Loaf this bank holiday!

We met up with of Damien and Declan of DJI Copter Shop Ireland ( who showed us the ins and outs of flying these serious machines. As can be seen in the video above, the lads flew their S1000 (the only other one in the country) next to ours. They then showed us how incredibly steady the camera is, even when the drone is being swung about like mad. See for yourself 1 minute into the video! The day was also quite windy, and yet the drone remained unfazed.

Big thanks to Damien and Declan for their advice and expertise.

Our octocopter is available for shoots on film, advertising, stills and surveying. If you would like to visit and see the S1000, or even have a job in mind, please don’t hesitate to get in touch by email or phone. All contact details here:



Replayhouse S1000

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