Welcome On Board Terry McDonagh!

Terry McDonagh

We’re really happy to announce that photographer Terry ‘Big T’ McDonagh has joined the Replayhouse crew! Terry has tonnes of experience in the area and is great fun to have around, so we’re very glad to have him. As well as commercial work, Terry has serious skills in landscape photography and sells his pretty pictures online. They really are worth a look as they make perfect birthday, wedding and Christmas presents!
Click here to see Terry’s landscapes.

He established his own freelance business in 1993 having worked for six years assisting top photographers
in Dublin and Sydney, Australia.
He has worked with all formats ranging from 35mm to 10″X8″ but he now finds that the majority of his commercial
commissions are shot digitally.

He provides a fast and reliable digital retouching and manipulation service
when required, and shoots live action commercials too.

Good to have you Terry!


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