We have all the tools you need.
From green screen to VO booth under one roof.

Inside Replayhouse

Studio & Equipment Rental

A playhouse to a child is that place of endless possibility, a place where where imagination becomes reality – and at Replayhouse our studio is without a doubt our playhouse. Our studio, while being a cozy, personable workplace, also offers all the firepower you need. Our state of the art studio setup offers a 5.9m x 5.2m green screen cyclorama, todays best cameras, sophisticated editing suites and lovely chill out areas – all located right beside the city and the beach. We even have parking for five cars.

Our collective of creative talents is geared towards producing the finest content, though if you’re interested in creating your own, you’re more than welcome to dry hire our studio. Some more information and pictures are listed below, but feel free to contact us regarding anything to do with our facilities and equipment. We’ll look forward to it.

Replayhouse Floorplan

Replayhouse Floorplan